David Sharp specialises in family law with an emphasis on cohabitation disputes (including the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996), matrimonial finance and children law. He is also a qualified family mediator.

David has been involved in several high-profile national news cases and a number of other cases at the forefront of legal developments in the family law field.

David has been in private practice at the Bar in England and Wales for over 27 years, specialising for the last 18 years in family law.

Family finance

David has conducted a large number of multi-million pound cases, dealing with assets including complicated offshore and discretionary trust arrangements, share option schemes, large scale property portfolios, farms and even a medieval priory.

David handled the Mareva proceedings in the case of Clark v Clark which became front page news in the national press.

David also represented the estate of Chigusa Maeda Turner, whose murder by her husband, in Venezuela, also made national news. In the civil murder case he obtained the highest recorded award for funeral expenses of over £50,000.

Cohabitation disputes

David has advised and/or represented clients in well over 50 cases concerning the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996, a significant number also involving proceedings under Schedule 1 of The Children Act 1989. He has only had one adverse result in all this time, which he hopes one day to get over!


David has acted for many years for local authorities and parents in public law proceedings, being involved in a number of important guideline cases and dealing with serious and complex sexual and physical abuse allegations and cases involving the inherent jurisdiction, child abduction and international adoptions.

David also acts in private cases specialising in leave to remove from the jurisdiction. He has among others dealt with relocation to France, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Canada, Tanzania, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Israel. Instability in the country concerned did not prevent David securing leave (examples include the last three countries mentioned).