Event date: 12th Jul 2024

Parental alienation and The court’s approach to coercive control in Children cases together with Coronavirus Top 10 Questions’ covering issues like remote hearings, enforcement issues, ADR options, e-bundles and instructing experts presented by Ranjit Singh and Rachael Cassidy

A general guide to the principles of Spousal Maintenance, including how they are impacted by Covid-19 presented by Gillon Cameron and Ella Calnan

Contact to children in care in a lockdown presented by Damian Stuart

Is this a Barder event presented by Mandy Tanner and Ewan Murray

First ICOs and COVID-19” to public law solicitors presented by Chris Stevenson and Madeleine Whelan

How to treat valuations in cases that are still going ahead presented by Mandy Tanner and Ewan Murray

The use of separation agreements for couples isolating together but living apart presented by Mandy Tanner and Ewan Murray

Hair strand testing presented by Ronan O’Donovan

Covert recordings presented by Matt Warmoth

Freezing injunctions presented by Matt Warmoth

Adoption with an International Aspect presented by Robin Powell

Public law update presented by Damian Stuart

Interim removal presented by Damian Stuart

Children as witnesses presented by Damian Stuart

Transfer of tenancies and occupation orders under the Family Law Act 1996 and their interplay with housing and rent provisions presented by Madeleine Whelan and Housing specialist Mark Galtrey from Falcon Chambers