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24th Aug 2017 | Bailii

F (A Minor: Secure Accommodation Resources) [2017] EWHC 2189 (Fam)

The Local Authority had applied for a Secure Accommodation Order in respect of a 14-year-old boy.  This high-profile judgment, delivered in open court, attracted the attention of national media and focuses on the unavailability of placements for a child in secure accommodation.
21st Jun 2017

ND v SD & Ors [2017] EWHC 1507 (Fam) (21 June 2017)

Mrs Justice Roberts dismisses Wife’s attack of a trust owning shares in companies worth £50m
20th Mar 2017

Norman v Norman [2017] EWCA Civ 120

Court of Appeal dismisses proposed appellant's application to set aside consent order made in financial remedy proceedings
8th Feb 2017 | Bailii

Norman v Norman [2017] EWCA Civ 49

Wife's appeal in financial remedy proceedings in which she sought an anonymity order and argued that the law in this regard should change. Appeal refused
2nd Feb 2017

MS v MN [2017] EWHC 324 (Fam)

Mother's appeal against an order for direct contact in the absence of a risk assessment when findings had been made of domestic violence. Appeal allowed, a risk assessment directed and remitted back for further consideration. Moor J who heard the appeal criticised the judge for not having applied PD 12J or the relevant case law on contact when findings have been made of domestic violence. However, of equal significance in this case was the requirement in s.16A Children Act 1989 which requires a CAFCASS Officer to undertake a risk assessment for the benefit of the court if, carrying out his/her functions, the Officer suspects the child is at risk of harm. Cafcass recommended such a risk assessment however the judge refused the mother's application for that assessment.
27th Jan 2017

Medway Council v MI and others [2017] EWFC 59 (Fam)

Placement of children in Scotland. Theis J confirmed that special guardianship orders are recognised and enforceable in Scotland. Theis J said that whilst automatically recognised as though they were made in the Scottish courts, to enforce a SGO, the SG should make a registration application to the court that made the SGO.
17th Jan 2017 | Bailii

M v F (Travel to Non-Convention Country) [2017] EWFC 7

Mother's application to vary a Prohibited Steps Order - preventing either parent from removing the children - granted, allowing her to remove the parties' children to Iran, a non-Hague Convention country, temporarily for the purpose of holidays, subject to certain safeguards being in place
29th Sep 2016 | Bailii

Re B (Foreign Surrogacy) [2016] EWFC 77

Application for a Parental Order where the applicants had separated, where the application was made outside the statutory 6-month timescale and where there was an issue as to the proportionality of the payments made to the surrogate. Application granted