Tatiana Rocha

Notable Cases

Re L [2024]
Tatiana represented the mother in proceedings arising from the father’s application for a child arrangements order. During the contentious private children law proceedings, the mother moved some 400 miles away (without the court’s permission). Tatiana successfully argued against a transfer of residence, after a clear indication from the court that such an order was a possible (and indeed likely) outcome. Despite the father seeking a transfer of residence and, in the alternative, an order for ‘shared care’, the court granted the mother a child arrangements order providing for the child to live with the mother.

Re I [2023]
Tatiana represented the father in proceedings arising from his application for a child arrangements order. Despite ongoing criminal proceedings, following allegations of controlling and coercive behaviour, Tatiana secured an order for ‘shared care’ providing for the young child to spend 50% of her time in the father’s care.

Re M [2023]
Tatiana represented the mother in proceedings arising from the father’s application for a transfer of residence. The father relied upon the 13-year-old child’s purported wishes and feelings, and the recommendation for the child to live with him. Raising allegations of malign influence having impacted the child’s wishes and feelings, Tatiana persuaded the court that it was in the child’s best interests to continue living with the mother.


‘Tatiana’s overall handling of this case, from the moment she received instructions, to a conference at such short notice, and finally representation at the final hearing was beyond what I expected.  I found Tatiana to be extremely professional and at the same time she maintained a personable approach with the client. Her advice was on point and clear.  I felt Tatiana went over and beyond in her preparation for this case and her overall conduct was exemplary’.

‘During the hearing, Ms Rocha conducted herself impeccably. Her questioning of the Respondent Mother was approached sensitively but without detracting from putting her client’s case. Likewise, the questioning of the Cafcass Family Court Advisor was robust and thorough, exploring the relevant issues that would assist the court in its determination’.

‘Within seconds of meeting, Tatiana had my full trust, she just had that aura about her that puts you at ease. She spoke eloquently and was clearly highly intelligent, but she also had compassion and could recognise when I needed something explaining a bit clearer, or when a kind word would be well received. When cross-examining the other party, she was so sharp, firm and unforgiving, yet somehow did it all completely fluidly without a single glitch. She was beautifully polite, calm, respectful, relaxed and completely professional the entire time. Her closing argument was absolutely flawless’.

'Tatiana Rocha represented our client at an FDR and her advice and representation has been exceptional. I am very grateful for Tatiana’s assistance with this case and her client care skills are impeccable. Tatiana has gone above and beyond, and she deserves a special thank you for her efforts'.


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