This MBL live virtual classroom seminar, by Stephanie Coker, will provide a detailed analysis of the methods of domestic enforcement and the key considerations that family practitioners should consider.

For many separating couples, it is often the case that parties seek to enforce orders after the conclusion of financial proceedings. In some instances, enforcement may be required during proceedings. This virtual classroom seminar will provide a detailed understanding of the options available to parties when one party refuses to comply with a financial remedy order. Coverage includes:

  • Specific methods of enforcement available to enforce an order for the payment of money and an exploration of other enforcement remedies such as orders for sale, Hadkinson orders etc.
  • Orders against the person of a penal nature and the formalities and principles to be considered.
  • Procedural guidance from Part 33 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010.
  • Guidance and practical tips for bringing and defending an enforcement application with insights from relevant caselaw.

The virtual seminar is taking place on Thursday 23rd November 1-4pm. For those interested to join, then please see here.