Henry practises in all areas of family law but has a particular interest in cases with a foreign element. Henry regularly acts in leave to remove, child abduction and wardship cases and also adoptions with a foreign element.

Henry is interested in academic contributions to family law and has provided legal research for “The Step-Parent’s Parachute: The Four Cornerstones of Good Step-parenting” by Flora McEvedy.

Henry also provides lectures and legal updates to senior social work practitioners for their MA in Child Protection Studies.

Henry was instructed by the Local Authority in the case of the London Borough of Brent v S (2009) EWCA 1593 (Fam), a wardship case involving a 17 year old who wished to return to his country of origin. He had no relatives in this country and therefore no person to exercise parental responsibility for him and did not know whether his family were alive or where they were living in his country of origin. The case considered the duties of a Local Authority in and the test to be considered in such circumstances.

Henry also specialises in cases dealing with substance misuse and was counsel for the Local Authority in the case of The London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames v B (2011) 1 FLR 1345 which is the leading case in relation to hair strand testing for alcohol. Henry was instrumental in transferring the case to the High Court and persuading the court to hear that issue in the public interest of providing guidance to the lower courts in how to interpret such results.