Joanna Hall Memorial Seminar - Adoption: 'When Nothing Else Will Do'?

  • Venue: The Large Pension Room, Gray's Inn
  • Involving: Barbara Slomnicka
  • Cost: £ 10.00

Fourteen hosted a seminar in the memory of our colleague, Joanna Hall, on the subject of adoption on 5 June 2014.

The speakers included Lord Justice Ryder, Dr Danya Glaser, Anna Gupta and Barbara Slomnicka, and former member of chambers, Her Honour Judge Gillian Brasse, very kindly agreed to chair the seminar.

We are pleased to be able to reproduce, with their kind permission, the speeches given by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Ryder and Barbara Slomnicka, and also to make available the lecture materials – please click the relevant link to view the documents and download the files to your computer.

“Human Rights and Adoption: The Balancing Act” by Joanna Hall, October 2012.

“Adoption: The Changing Landscape – A Child Psychiatric Perspective” by Dr Danya Glaser, October 2012.

“Adoption in Practice: Dogma and Disarray?” by Edward Lloyd-Jones, January 2013.

“Adoption: A Gallop Through History” by Barbara Slomnicka, June 2014.

“Challenging Contexts: A Social Work Perspective” by Anna Gupta, June 2014.

Please click here to download the paper delivered by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Ryder, which responds to Edward Lloyd-Jones’ article “Adoption in Practice: Dogma and Disarray”.